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"Spring to Mind" - a Novel

A romp through the world of coaching, an exposé of life in the middle lane and a self help guide, rolled into one, Spring to Mind, is "one woman's quest for meaning in the Weetabix and the washing".

Zoë's sharp observations and self effacing humour combine to have you laughing and nodding in fervent agreement, as she relates the tedium and triumph of the ordinary.

Spring to Mind is also a challenge – to lighten up, to find the humour in the humdrum, to look within for the source of meaning.

"The author intertwines a raft of emotions with the challenges of everyday living as a wife, mother and “career woman” in a very honest but extremely humorous manner. Despite the challenge of time myself, I couldn’t put this one down and read it in record time. I had "ah-ha" moments and roared with laughter. Thank you Zoe for sharing your experiences. I’ll be waiting with anticipation for your next book."

Reviewed 17 May 2010 by Monique Blundell, Brisbane.

"Spring to Mind" is one of those books that is a delight to read. It is witty, intelligently written and it makes you think about the decisions that you have made in your life. I found that there were so many events that I could relate to. It is a great read for those people who seek a life with meaning and purpose, and therefore question what lies ahead!

Michelle G -

Available for sale at all good bookstores and on Amazon.