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“The level of service at Spring to Mind Coaching is fantastic. Zoë's warm and perceptive style, her quick sense of the underlying issues and her powerful questions, helped me to work out what I needed to to do in relation to several challenges with my business."

Francis E. Wood, Managing Director JHX Management Ltd, London and Ghana.

“Zoe's dedication and energy was inspirational. She "gets it" and is totally supportive and action oriented. Zoë has a rare blend of humour, intelligence, attention to detail and intuition.”

Juliet Allan, Lawyer, London

"I was impressed with how much I got from my conversations with Zoë. She has a very empowering presence as a coach and helped me quickly resolve several issues. She is highly professional, but also very personable and insightful. She expertly cuts through to the heart of the matter ."

Lizzi Maddox, Wife and Mother, London.